Product Design

Product Design

AIS Taiwan is focus on customize projects. We love to listen to our customer about their problems. We accept challenge, resolve with creative solution, manufacture with cost efficiency with our clients.

step 1. Understanding Project Scope


Key on custom design is first to understand the project requirement. In this phase we would like to learn more about product application, and hardware expections. More importantly what are the key problems that customer would like us to solve. These questions are important to us because it will help us to find a solution with expected cost range.

step 2. Design the Product


After understanding the objective and scope of the project, our engineer will start making design proposal using AutoCAD or Solidsworks. When it is completed, we will verify if it meets requirements. If it does, we will send the design model to customer for verification

step 3. Build Prototypes


Building the protoypes is one of the important stage of deliverying the product. It is essential because we need to verify the design is functing with-in the scope of expections. If it not we will find out the problem, impose a solution, and make new prototype.

step 4. Firmware Tuning


Calibrating the touscreen performance to product requirement is crucial to step in customization. AIS Taiwan has robust touchscreen design guide and rich design experiencee to help customize minimize the risk on creating new touchscreen. Moreover; our touch controller technology can have recalibriate itself during the operation.

step 5. Qualification


We impelemnt two stage of qualification process. During the first phase of sample, only important data are tested such as contact resistance, mechanical dimension, optical measurement, and etc. In second stage of prototyping, we will place the product into full test run this including high temperature, low temperature working/storage, humdidity test, impact test, bending test, pulling test, and etc.

If customer has their own testing requirements and methods, we can adopt them.

step 6. Mass Production


In the journey of manufacturing customer good, AIS Taiwan will continue to improve process and cost. The feedback from our process improvement will directly feedback to the customer project.

New Product Introduction Process

Below is the diagram and deliverable to our NPI process

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