Direct Bonding

Direct Bonding

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) behind a protective glass are difficult to read under in bright environemnt. This effect can be resolved by bonding the glass cover directly to the LCD using an optical clear adhesive.

Technology Features and Advantages

  • No disturbing internal reflections.
  • No contamination, condensation or fogging
  • Enhanced shock and vibration performance
  • Enhanced LCD optical performance
  • Available from size 3.5" ~ 86"

What can be bonded to an LCD?

  • Anti-Reflective Decor Glass
  • Anti-Glare or Matte Finish Decor Glass
  • ITO Coated Glass
  • Touchscreens
  • Chemically or Physically Strengthened Glass



Pros and cons. Full Bonding vs. Air Bonding



  • Reduce internal light reflection (Enhance LCD performance under bright environment
  • Finshed product is more ruggedized in harsh environment
  • Improve impact durability
  • Remove moisture condensation by eliminate air between the LCD and decor glass
  • Damage on the decor can be reworked to save cost on a new LCD

Typical Applications

img Casino Gaming
img Industrial operation
img Industrial automation
img Medical Portable
img Automobile
img Food Service

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