Products & Services

Products and Services

We offers various solutions for the touch panel and display monitor. We are specialized in custom touch screen and touch screen monitors. Please check for the links below for more details.

  • Touch Screen Solutions

    PCAP support 60+ points touches

    • Projective Capacitive
    • Glass, Film, OGS, Metal-Mesh Sensor
    • Support Up to 60 points Touches
    • Standard Products Available (7"~21.5")
    • Customize Glass Design by request
    • Thick Glove Detection
    • Water Immunity, Palm/Fist Rejection
    • Interface: USB and I2C
    • Support: Windows and Linux
    • Available in 4.3"~86"
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  • Industrial Display Solutions

    Sunlight Readable, Open Frame /w Touch

    • Sunlight Readable
    • Wide Operating Temperature
    • Auto Dimming Sensor
    • Water proof/Dust proof
    • Wide Range DC Power
    • Customize Frame Design by request
    • Signal Input: RGB, DVI, HDMI, DP
    • Industrial A/D Board
    • Touch overlays & Protection Glass
    • Available in 7"~32"
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  • Scalar and Touch Controller board

    AD board and Advanced Touch Board

    • Industrial A/D Board
    • VGA to QHD Resolution
    • TTL, LVDS, V by One
    • RGB, DVI, HDMI, and Display Port
    • Auto Dimming Sensor
    • IR & RS232 Remote Control
    • OSD Menu Control
    • H/V Size Scaling available
    • Customization available by request
    • Available in 4.3"~86"
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  • Direct Bonding

    Enhance Optical Claritye

    • Increased sunlight readability
    • Reduce paralax between LCD and glass;
    • Increased impact resistance
    • Increased durability to shock & vibration
    • Enables resistance to extreme temperatures
    • Prevents condensation and fogging
    • Resists stains, dirt, dust, scratches and moisture
    • Available in 4.3"~86"
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