Touch Screen Solutions

Touch Screen Solutions


Cover Glass Touch Screen

AIS Taiwan has made significant effort in developing and researching Projected Capacitive touch screen for different applications. We focus on standard touch solution as well as advance touch experience such as palm, first, grip reject, water detection, and glove detection. We welcome challenges and new R&D projects because we are proud to be on top of providing advance touch screen technology.

The key to AIS Taiwan's touch screen is to special touch sensor design and touch controller. AIS Taiwan has developed standard touch sensor and touch controller for standard application as well as advanced touch sensor and touch controller for advance applications.

Features and Advantage

  • Provides total sensor, controller board, and driver solution
  • 7" ~ 86" standard projected capacitive touch screen sensors
  • Different sensor structure and sensor pattern design for various applications
  • Accepts touch screen and controller customization to meet system requirements
  • Available in Single touch or multi-touch (10~60 points)
  • Provides durable and anti-scratch surface treatment solution
  • High temperature, high humidity environmental test compliance
  • Product with EMI shielding design
  • Advanced rejection mode (grip, first, plam rejection), glove touch mode and water detection mode
  • Support thick cover glass (8mm Max)

Operating System Supported

Our controller solutions is a true HID controller. The controller will work in Windows and Linux environments without installing additional drivers

Advances Features

Glove Touch Solutions

In different application filed, glove touch may be critical due to the operation environments. AIS Taiwan's touch solutions enables multi-touch events to be detected and triggered to the system. The special touch events are coded and computed inside AIST controller and no additional work need to be done. This ease up the system design. AIST controller offer unique computation algorithms to detect touch with latex gloves, surgery glove, cotton gloves, work gloves, or heavy working gloves.

Water Detection

In standard touch screen, water spray or splash may trigger touch event. AIST is able to detect such event and block the touch event been broadcast to the system. In some critical applications, this capability is important system requirements.

Palm Rejection, Fist Rejection, and Grip Mode Detection

For mid-large size touch screen the ability to block palm detection is important; hence, the user may need to rest the arm, type, lie against the system, or clean the unit. AIST controller can provide advance touch experience by implementing advance sensing algorithm.

  • Fist Rejection

  • Fist rejection + touch event

  • Hand resting + 10 points touches

  • Grip rejection

  • Water droplet rejection

  • Swipe cleaning rejection


EMI Protection

Understand the critical requirement and influence of Electromagnetic interference(EMI), AIS Taiwan utilize advanced technology to maintain accuracy of touch detection by both touch screen sensor design and advance controller development. AIST solutions meet CS 3Vrms and RS 3V/m EMC standards. Moreover, we also had project that are able meet CS 10Vrms and RS 10V/M EMC standards.

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